Video shows Psystar Mac clone in the wild

Since announcing its unlicensed Mac clones (a.k.a. Open Computers) last month, Psystar Corporation has been the subject of much media coverage and a fair amount of disbelief. Gadget site Gizmodo branded the company a "hoax" after readers failed to find its offices, although it later retracted the claim once photos of the Psystar headquarters surfaced.

Now, Gizmodo says it has received proof from a reader that Psystar is indeed shipping its Open Computers. The reader, who calls himself Whiskeyfrown, sent the gadget site a video of what looks like an Open Computer running a copy of Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Tiger operating system. The system looks to have the same case design that's pictured on Psystar's website, and the person filming takes care to show the monitor cable is indeed hooked to the machine before booting up.

There may be a few surprises in store for folks who manage to get their hands on these Open Computers, though. For one, the system in the video sounds rather loud, with fans apparently running at full blast even after the boot-up process is complete. Also, Gizmodo quotes Whiskeyfrown as saying Apple's Software Update utility doesn't recognize the Open Computer as a valid system, so "you won't be able to patch."

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