Shacknews staffers take peek at Duke Nukem forever

If you're still keeping track of Duke Nukem Forever's development cycle, you'll know today marks the 11th anniversary of the day 3D Realms first announced the game. The company apparently didn't think the short teaser trailer that came out last December was proof enough of its commitment to the game, because it's chosen to celebrate DNF's 11th anniversary by giving Shacknews a peek at the upcoming title. Shacknews staffers Steve Gibson and Maarten Goldstein say they actually saw Duke Forever in all its still-incomplete glory:

However, that all changed recently. For a good half hour Shacknews witnessed several different DNF gameplay scenarios, mechanics, and environments being demonstrated.

We actually got to see the truth of Duke curator George Broussard's many past claims, including environmental puzzles and interactivity, a host of finished weapons, the existence of an in-game forklift, and plenty of heads and arms being blown off.

Duke Forever's (very) lengthy development cycle will likely yield unusually high expectations among fans and the general gaming public alike. Nonetheless, Steve and Maarten said they were impressed by 3D Realms' work. Both agree that Duke Nukem Forever "is looking great, and will easily stand apart from the crowd in both visual and gameplay styles." Of course, we'll have to see whether 3D Realms can actually deliver and finally ship the game after all this time.

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