AMD claims 100 design wins for Puma

Yesterday, we heard rumors that AMD's Puma notebook platform might have trouble competing with Intel's Centrino 2 in terms of processor performance and power efficiency. However, according to IDG News, those purported shortcomings haven't stopped AMD from seizing a whopping 100 or so design wins ahead of the planned June launch.

What's 100 design wins to AMD? John Taylor, Product and Strategic Marketing Director for the company's graphics division, told IDG that number is "twice as many designs as we had at the launch of our last mobile platform." Such growth is particularly interesting in light of what Intel has cooked up. IDG says Intel's Centrino 2 platform will debut in early June at the same time as Puma. Centrino 2 will feature 45nm CPUs, support for DDR2 and DDR3 memory, and integrated graphics chipsets with DirectX 10, HDMI, and DisplayPort compatibility.

Judging by yesterday's report and IDG's update, Puma's graphics features are swaying notebook vendors. Puma's 780 chipset includes Radeon HD 3000-series graphics, which can reportedly be coupled with a discrete Radeon HD 3400 mobile graphics processor using Hybrid Graphics technology. Hybrid Graphics will allow Puma notebooks to switch the discrete GPU on and off as needed in order to save power.

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