Updated: Windows XP SP3 now available from Microsoft

After leaking onto a handful of download sites last week, the third service pack for Windows XP is now available from Microsoft at last. We can’t find SP3 listed on the company’s Download Center right now, but the folks at Neowin have found download links for the stand-alone version of the service pack that point straight to Microsoft’s download.windowsupdate.com domain.

The link that will likely be of most interest to our readers is this one, which points to the Service Pack 3 release for 32-bit, English-language versions of Windows XP. Neowin links versions of the service pack for Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Polish flavors of XP, as well. The site claims the service pack can also be nabbed directly through Windows Update, but we didn’t find it there ourselves.

As we’ve already reported, Windows XP Service Pack 3 cumulates all previous Windows XP patches and includes a set of security, stability, and performance improvements. New features are on the menu, too, like network Access Protection, Microsoft’s Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module, and a new activation system. A complete list of the changes is available in the PDF file linked here.

Update: The official release of SP3 has been delayed.

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