GeForce 9800 GT to have both 65nm and 55nm GPUs?

The rumor mill has been grinding away about a GeForce 9800 GT graphics card for some time now, and we've seen reports alternately claim Nvidia will use 65nm and 55nm GPUs to build it. Well, if a new report by VR-Zone is to be believed, all of those reports were right—Nvidia will use both process technologies for the card.

VR-Zone says the 65nm and 55nm versions of the GeForce 9800 GT will both be clocked higher than today's GeForce 8800 GT, but Nvidia intends to juggle between the two processes as a safety measure. If 55nm yields are unsatisfactory, VR-Zone says the graphics firm will have a pile of 65nm GPUs to fall back on in order to keep up with supply. AMD, by contrast, is shipping all of its current Radeon HD 3000-series GPUs on a 55nm process.

According to the latest rumors, the GeForce 9800 GT will be available with either 512MB of 975MHz memory or 256MB of 900MHz memory. Coupled with a higher-clocked GPU, the 512MB flavor should outperform the 8800 GT, which runs at 600MHz with 900MHz memory by default. We'll have to see how the 9800 GT (if it indeed exists) compares with "factory overclocked" iterations of the 8800 GT, however.

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