Pidgin forks over edit box resize feature

Open-source software advocates often criticize companies like Microsoft for having inefficient development models. Well, as the latest happenings behind the scenes of the Pidgin project have shown, the open-source community doesn't always set the example. According to a post on Slashdot, the multi-protocol instant messaging client has split into two separate development "forks" following a disagreement over a single cosmetic feature.

With the release of Pidgin 2.4 earlier this year, the IM client's developers decided to no longer allow users to manually resize the text input box in message windows. Presumably, the move was tied to the general philosophy of "sensible defaults" prevalent among developers who write software for the GNOME Linux desktop environment. However, the feature's disappearance generated a considerable backlash and a 50+ page discussion in the comments for the ensuing bug report.

After a month and a half of fruitless discussion, one developer took it upon himself to produce a fork of the project dubbed Funpidgin. The fork re-introduces the missing feature along with some others, such as a "send" button in message windows.

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