news poll whats the sweet spot for laptop display sizes

Poll: What’s the sweet spot for laptop display sizes?

Many of us have had to shop for laptops at one point or another, and one of the greatest dilemmas a laptop buyer must face is the choice of display size. For roughly the same amount of dough, PC vendors often let you pick between laptops with different screens and form factors. Some users favor smaller, more portable offerings, while others relish the added screen real estate and often-beefier hardware of larger machines.

For our new poll, we’re asking what you think the “sweet spot” is with current notebooks. You can either vote below or on the front page. To keep the poll from being overwhelming, we’ve opted not to distinguish between wide and standard aspect ratios.

The subject of our previous poll was, “Who will be the top discrete graphics supplier in 2012?” Nvidia had the highest number of votes there at first, but in a surprising twist of events, AMD ended up on top. 43% of the 4166 readers who participated voted for AMD, while 40% sided with Nvidia. Only 14% think Intel’s “Larrabee” discrete GPU and its successors will have the lion’s share of sales in four years time. The remaining 3% seem to be expecting a major comeback from the likes of Matrox and S3.