New movies to hit iTunes, DVDs simultaneously

A year and a half after opening its iTunes movie store in the United States, Apple has struck a deal with major movie studios that will see new blockbuster titles appear on iTunes on the same day as the official DVD release. As Reuters reports, the agreement covers movies from all of the usual suspects, including Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros.

Apple will start harnessing the new agreement with Juno, American Gangster, and I Am Legend, which Reuters says will all be available on the iTunes Store this week. In another report, the news agency hints that the movies will be priced at $3-4 for rentals and probably as much as $15 for purchases.

Coupled with the revamped Apple TV, which should allow users to download and view new movies straight from their couches, Reuters says Apple's new content deal could put pressure on competing services like Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace and Amazon's Unbox.

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