Saturday Shortbread


  1. Fudzilla reports Intel's 3.33GHz dual-core to launch in Q3
    and AMD's Puma to show its claws in late May
  2. DailyTech reports RIAA sucker punched: "Making Available" theory shot down
  3. DigiTimes reports iSuppli claims no winners in Q1 in DRAM market's game of chicken
  4. Ars Technica reports Internet Explorer market share jumps in April
  5. Engadget interviews Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz
  6. Zunerama gleans hints about the Zune Marketplace update?
  7. Computer keyboards can be dirtier than a toilet, study finds
  8. Dan's Data atomic I/O letters #81
  9. HardwareZone covers Samsung AV Roadshow—designs that perform
Software and gaming

  1. Good news for TechNet Plus subscribers looking for XP SP3
  2. Microsoft: June 30 not end of Windows XP support
  3. YouGamers have 3DMark Vantage hotfix news
  4. Popfly introduces Game Creator Alpha
  5. PC Review on Kaspersky Internet Security 7
  6. TG Daily reports Take-TWo offers 12-step program to fix PS3 GTA IV
  7. Shacknews staffers debate whether or not game demos hurt sales
  8. Gamasutra on the state of indie gaming and video game designer
    Okamoto: DS market in danger of 'Atari crash'
Systems and multimedia

  1. HotHardware has Smooth Creations Broodling unboxed
  2. Computer Shopper reviews Falcon Northwest Fragbox
  3. TweakTown reviews DFI LANParty LT X48-T2R
  4. HardwareOC Austria reviews DFI LANParty DK X38-T2R (in German)
  5. AnandTech on Western Digital VelociRaptor—no longer just a Raptor
  6. BilgiUstam claims to have unofficial Radeon HD 4870 (RV770) benchmarks
  7. I4U reviews Asus EN9600GT Silent
  8. Hardware Canucks review RJTech PVR1100 MPEG4 mini video recorder
  9. TheTechLounge reviews Audioengine W1 wireless audio adapter
Cases and cooling

  1. techPowerUp! reviews Cooler Master Centurion 590 case
  2. 3dGameMan reviews Hiper Anubis case
  3. Overclockers Club reviews CoolIT Pure CPU cooler
  4. Modders-Inc reviews Noctua NH-U12P CPU cooler
  5. TecCentral reviews Thermaltake DuOrb & V1 CPU coolers (in German)
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