The lowdown on DDR memory for the Pentium 4

Sharky Extreme has an article up detailing all there is to know about the Intel's upcoming SDR and DDR offerings for the Pentium 4. While you can buy the P4 now, motherboards are still unavailable until the chip's official release date at the end of the month. Not the Shark's longest of articles, but something to read if you're considering a P4.
Intel is finally bowing to industry pressure and moving full speed towards SDR and DDR Pentium 4 chipsets in the mainstream. Brookdale, Intel's SDR and DDR chipset for the Pentium 4, will be moving onto the corporate desktop in Q3 2001, when it will start to replace i815E systems. There will be two versions of the Brookdale chipset, an SDR and a DDR version. The SDR version should hit the market in September of 2001. The DDR version should hit in January of 2002, though there is a chance that it will arrive as early as October of 2001.
One has to wonder why they're bothering with an SDR version at all if it'll take until September/October to hit the market at the earliest. One would think by then anyone moving to a P4 would likely go for DDR as well. Check out the full story here.
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