P45 motherboards to start shipping between June 15-21

Anyone who's been keeping a close ear to the rumor mill lately will know that Intel's next-generation 4-series desktop chipsets are expected to come out in June. However, DigiTimes has tapped its sources at motherboard manufacturers to obtain much more specific release information.

The site says Intel will launch new 4-series offerings at the Computex trade show, which will run from June 3 to June 7. Shipments of P45 and P43 motherboards will follow in the third week of the same month, so between June 15 and June 21. Only those two chipsets will see the light of day first, though: DigiTimes goes on to say G45 and G43 models with integrated graphics won't show up until two to three weeks later, giving Intel time to "correct issues with VC1 hardware decoding and to increase the graphics core frequency to 800MHz."

The same delay will apply to Q45 and Q43 chipsets for enterprise systems, which reportedly suffer from instabilities with current chips when Intel's Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O is enabled. A3 revisions of those two chipsets without that bug will start shipping "in the second week of July," DigiTimes adds.

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