AMD: We need twice as much market share to survive

Through thick and thin, AMD executives have remained hopeful in their statements to the press and analysts regarding their company's future. In AMD's ongoing antitrust battle with Intel, however, the company has made the difficulty of the path ahead quite apparent. As InfoWorld reports, AMD's lawyers have filed a brief saying the company needs to double its market share in order to survive:

At the end of 2007, AMD had 13 percent of the processor market, "less than half of what it requires to operate long-term as a sustainable business," the brief said, explaining that Intel's alleged efforts to shut the company out of the processor business had largely succeeded.

"Measured on a revenue share basis, AMD made little progress growing its slice of the pie," it said.

AMD is presenting this information as evidence that Intel's alleged anti-competitive behavior has thwarted its growth—evidence that could potentially allow the chipmaker to demand substantial monetary damages from Intel. But paradoxically, InfoWorld says the brief's contents could backfire and "further spook corporate customers already wary of the company's financial troubles," reducing the company's market share in the process.

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