id Software announces... Doom 4

id Software will be producing another Doom title after all. After last year's unveiling of Rage, id's next-generation title based on entirely new intellectual property, the game development studio has announced Doom 4. Production on the next installment in the Doom series has already begun, and id says it is "expanding its internal team and is currently hiring to work on this highly anticipated title."

The company's press release doesn't include any details about what we can expect to see in the game, but it quotes id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead as saying Doom is "part of the id Software DNA" and making a new title in the series "demands the greatest talent and brightest minds in the industry." Game development pros in search of work can check available positions on id's website and submit their resumes to

Shacknews speculates Doom 4 may be based on id Tech 5, the next-gen engine John Carmack concocted for Rage. Since id has been working on Rage for some time and only just began work on Doom 4, such a choice indeed seems likely. id Tech 5 is a multi-platform engine spanning the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, so Doom 4 could show up on consoles, as well.

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