Comcast mulls monthly bandwidth caps

After backpedaling on its peer-to-peer traffic hampering, Comcast is seeking another way to keep heavy bandwidth users under control. Quoting a company insider, Broadband Reports says Comcast is mulling the implementation of monthly bandwidth caps.

Although the plan is still said to be "in the early stages of development," Broadband Reports says Comcast is looking at a usage ceiling of 250GB per month. Users would be allowed to go over without consequence once a year, but repeat offenders would need to cough up an extra $15 for each additional 10GB used. The insider told Broadband Reports this plan has "a lot of momentum behind it" and Comcast intends to begin trials "in a month or two."

Supposedly, these caps would only affect 0.1% of Comcast's 14.1 million customers. Indeed, doing the math suggests most users may not care: 250GB per month works out to 8-8.33GB per day, a limit users would only reach if they downloaded a 650MB Linux CD image every hour for 12 hours on every single day of the week. However, customers who share a single Internet connection across a household could see things differently, especially with legal high-definition movie downloads becoming more commonplace.

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