news vista is still selling well says gates

Vista is still selling well, says Gates

Bill Gates, who plans largely to abandon his duties at Microsoft starting this July, is still quite keen on pimping the company’s software. As reports, Gates claimed Vista is selling at a “rapid” rate during a speech in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Gates, Microsoft has sold 140 million copies of Windows Vista so far. The Microsoft co-founder stated in January that Vista had sold 100 million copies since its launch 11 months before, so it looks like sales of the operating system haven’t waned since last year. With Service Pack 1 out the door, more businesses may make the jump to the new OS, too.

These apparently good sales results might explain why Microsoft decided not to extend Windows XP’s general retail presence beyond the June 30 deadline. Makers of low-cost laptops will be able to keep offering the operating system until at least 2010, but folks shopping for regular PCs and notebooks should be stuck with Vista from July 1 onward.