AMD shakes up management, internal organization

As part of its ongoing drive to transform into a leaner, more profitable business, AMD has announced a couple of moves that will see two executives depart and a new internal organization come into being.

For starters, AMD says Computing Solutions Group Senior VP Mario Rivas will depart the company, leaving his position to Randy Allen, who previously headed AMD’s server business. Allen will report to President and COO Dirk Meyer and will be "responsible for the development and management of AMD’s . . . consumer and commercial microprocessor solutions and platforms." Along with Rivas, former Senior VP and Chief Talent Officer Michel Cadieux will leave AMD to "pursue new opportunities."

Additionally, AMD has formed a new Central Engineering organization that will be led by Freescale and IBM veteran Chekib Akrout as well as existing AMD Design Engineering Corporate VP Jeff VerHeul. According to an AMD spokesperson quoted by, this new team will "work with customers and the internal business units to develop AMD’s future plans for its processor designs." Like Allen, the Central Engineering organization will report directly to Dirk Meyer.

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    • flip-mode
    • 12 years ago

    Can someone list, for me, the bad things that Ruiz has done? Here’s my list:

    1.) Paid too much for ATI
    2.) Allowed (if he knew about it) Lake Tahoe press event

    • Silus
    • 12 years ago

    This is hilarious. Everyone bites the dust, except Ruiz. At least he should receive a hefty pay cut, but not even that…Working at AMD must be fun everyday…

    • Forge
    • 12 years ago

    How about next round, instead of cutting thousands of WORKING people and moving a few execs around, CUT THE EXECS. When slashing one exec’s job means a thousand productive employees stay, I can’t see how that’s not a good idea.

    • anjulpa
    • 12 years ago

    At least they’re on their feet..

    • 0g1
    • 12 years ago

    This sounds very good. Also, Hector Ruiz was probably the one that planned it ….

    • Sargent Duck
    • 12 years ago

    And still…no Hector Ruiz. I`d almost garuntee that as soon as he steps out that door AMD will start making money.

      • d2brothe
      • 12 years ago

      Wow, I so saw that comment coming…I dunno if I agree or not…but I just everyone would be thinking that.

      • tfp
      • 12 years ago

      It is a lot harder to fix a company then that. If it was screwed up from the top you have to fix it completely from top down. That will include most if not all layers of management.

        • pluscard
        • 12 years ago

        Dr. Ruiz is doing a wonderful job, considering the task AMD is undertaking. Ruiz’s decisions historically have proven strategic, despite some being unpopular at the time.

        Time will tell.


          • ludi
          • 12 years ago

          Perhaps when Dr. Ruiz gets done with that, he can join Dr. Who and put his talents to use in a less restricted format.

          • tfp
          • 12 years ago

          I wasn’t impressed with Dr Ruiz when he was at his last job and I’m not impress with him now.

          • Meadows
          • 12 years ago

          I kind of expected you to protect him without looking.

        • echo_seven
        • 12 years ago

        It would be easier to slam Hector Ruiz if we could name a single other company that has crossed Intel on its home turf and did better than AMD. (…maybe even-larger IBM? and even then not really directly). Not to say Hector’s doing a good job, but he’s had to make a lot of decisions under pressure that look stupid in hindsight, but only because they only work if their execution was perfect.

          • Sahrin
          • 12 years ago

          IBM’s noted success against Intel includes losing its single largest customer to them (Apple).

          I saw a video of a speech Dr. Ruiz gave at TED – to be quite frank, I was not impressed with his…bravado. Maybe that suits AMD, but I look at other hugely successful companies (Microsoft, Apple, IBM, GE, HP, Dell) – and they all have dynamic CEO’s. Dr. Ruiz seems much more reserved engineer than outspoken advocate.

          AMD as much as anything needs a powerful voice enunciating its prowess – given it’s utter lack of a marketing budget, I would say this goes doubly for AMD as opposed to those other companies.

          He certainly has a very impressive pedigree, and while I do not at all doubt his leadership or decisions made so far (I agree with the ATI acqusition for instance) – I wonder if going forward he is the man to *helm* the company. Perhaps a more strategic role (Chariman of the Board) would better suit him.

          • data8504
          • 12 years ago

          That’s a really good point.

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