UPDATE: Dell to shelve XPS gaming desktops

Following its purchase of Alienware all the way back in May 2006, Dell has continued selling high-end PCs for gamers under its own XPS brand name. That's about to come to an end, says Engadget.

Quoting a report by the Wall Street Journal, the gadget site claims Dell is about to shelve part of its XPS line and rely solely on Alienware for high-end, gaming PC sales. The change will reportedly come into effect next month, when Dell will discontinue "four models of XPS performance PCs." The move may very well hit the XPS Gaming Desktop range, which includes four models: the XPS 630, XPS 720, XPS 720 H2C, and XPS 730.

Of course, Dell's XPS line extends far beyond gaming desktops. The company also offers XPS-branded all-in-one PCs and laptops—laptops that largely don't overlap with the Alienware notebook range. Engadget says it's currently unclear what will happen to those other XPS systems.

Update 05/14: Dell has posted on the official Direct2Dell blog to disavow the rumors and say it plans to continue refreshing its XPS gaming PCs.

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