AMD CPUs hit Sun servers, head to new Alienware desktop

With the quad-core Opteron delays and TLB erratum fiasco largely behind it, AMD is seeing its popularity rise among server and desktop PC vendors. reports that boutique PC maker Alienware will unleash a low-cost gaming PC based on AMD's Spider platform later this month.

The Alienware machine will pack a 2.2GHz quad-core Phenom 9550 processor, 4GB of RAM, dual Radeon HD 3870 graphics cards, and a high-end Asus motherboard based on AMD's 790FX chipset. Alienware will price the system at $1,699—a fairly affordable price tag by Alienware gaming PC standards. Interestingly, Alienware desktop marketing head Marc Diana tells, "We're seeing huge demand [for AMD-based systems] from customers . . . AMD is a good entry point." Coupled with the expected discontinuation of Dell's XPS gaming PCs, the new machine should put AMD under the spotlight.

On the server front, AMD tells us Sun Microsystems has begun selling eight new server systems based on quad-core Opterons. The machines start at $1,240 and include two-socket Sun Fire X4140, X4240, X2200 M2, X4100 M2, and X4200 M2 servers, as well as the four-socket Sun Fire X4440. In addition, AMD says Sun plans to unveil quad-core-Opteron-powered Sun Blade X8440 and Sun Fire X4600 M2 servers by the end of next month. Fitting with yesterday's announcement, some of the new Sun servers include AMD's low-power, HE-series Opterons with 55W thermal envelopes.

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