Ubisoft releases Assassin's Creed PC patch

The first patch for Assassin's Creed PC has generated a substantial amount of controversy since it was announced a few weeks back, and now the patch is out. As Shacknews report, the 1.02 update is mainly a bug-fixing release. You can grab it here at FileShack, and the official release notes describe resolved issues as such:

  • Fixed a rare crash while riding the horse in Kingdom
  • Fixed a corruption of Altair's robe on certain graphics hardware
  • Cursor is now centered when accessing the Map
  • Fixed a few problems with Alt-Tab
  • Fixed a graphical bug in the final fight
  • Fixed a few graphical problems with dead bodies
  • Fixed pixellation with post-FX enabled on certain graphics hardware
  • Fixed a small bug in the DNA Menu that would cause the image to disappear if the arrow was clicked rapidly
  • Fixed some graphical corruption in Present Room with low Level Of Detail
  • Character input is now cancelled if the controller is unplugged while moving
  • Of course, the patch also strips DirectX 10.1 code from the game. Ubisoft describes the move simply as "fixed broken post-effects on DirectX 10.1 enabled cards" in the release notes, but as we learned last week, there's a lot more to this story. For now, DirectX 10.1 support remains in limbo—perhaps until the next patch, perhaps indefinitely—despite the performance gains users of Radeon HD 3000-series cards have reported.

    Another element of note is Ubisoft's mention of "added support for x64 versions of Windows." We've played the launch version of Assassin's Creed on Vista x64 without any hiccups, and as far as we can see, the patch doesn't add a 64-bit executable to the mix. Perhaps Ubisoft is simply referring to compatibility improvements.

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