VIA preps 45nm, dual-core chips for 2009

Next year, VIA’s processors may have much in common with Intel’s current Core 2 Duo CPUs: dual cores, an out-of-order architecture, and 45nm process technology. Quoting sources at VIA, DigiTimes reports that the company will introduce its first 45nm, dual-core processors "by the end of 2009." The chips will most likely be based off VIA’s new Isaiah core.

Speaking of Isaiah, DigiTimes says it has learned some details about the first Isaiah CPU VIA will crank out later this year. The chip will apparently run at 2GHz and feature a V4 bus clocked at 800-1333MHz. As we suspected, it will be based on Fujitsu’s 65nm process technology. Oddly,though, the DigiTimes report says the chip will have "two 64KB L1 cache and 1MB L2 cache pairs with 16-way associatively."  That’s probably not entirely accurate.  As we noted in our overview of the Isaiah architecture, the initial Isaiah-based products will be single-core processors with a 64KB L1 data cache, a 64KB L1 instruction cache, and a single 1MB L2 cache.  Each of those caches will be 16-way set associative.  Future dual-core variants of Isaiah may have dual L2 caches, of course.

DigiTimes adds that VIA expects its CPU shipments increase by 20% to 30% this year. Shipments in the first half of this year should "equal total shipments in 2007," as well.

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