Atom-powered Eee PC 901 to launch on June 3

At last, Asus has settled on launch details for its first Eee PC based on Intel’s Atom processor. According to DigiTimes, the Eee PC 901 sub-notebook will make its debut in Taiwan on June 3 with a price tag of $20,000 TWD ($650 USD)—roughly 100 bucks more than the just-launched, Celeron-based Eee PC 900.

Judging by how Asus has timed global launches for previous Eee PC models, U.S. customers may have to wait a little while for the new machine to hit American shores. The Eee PC 900 made its debut in Hong Kong on April 16, for instance, but it took until May 12 for it to appear on Newegg and other U.S. online retailers.

Readers who followed the news on Wednesday should already know what the Eee PC 901 will look like. As we reported, the updated laptop will have a more rounded design, metallic parts on the hinges and around the touchpad, and slightly reshuffled connector clusters on the sides. Also, the 901 will trade the Asus badge for a simple “Eee PC” logo at the bottom of the display bezel.

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