AMD's big payback

Cue James Brown... AMD just paid out a record $30 million to employees as part of their profit-sharing program. Employees got the equivalent of almost a months's pay divided between cash and deferred compensation—pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. A happy employee is a productive one; maybe that's why AMD has been smacking around Intel as of late.
"For more than three decades, AMD has been dedicated to a simple concept: 'People first. Products and profits will follow,'" said W.J. Sanders III, chairman and chief executive officer. "There are no limits to what dedicated people can achieve if they are given the right environment and an opportunity to share in the rewards of success. Today AMD's flagship products -- PC processors and flash memory devices -- are innovative industry leaders. AMD has continued to outperform the semiconductor industry in a period of tremendous growth. I am very proud of the efforts of AMD employees and very pleased that we can share the rewards of our success."
Gone are the days when AMD can't even pay its own bills, let alone give its employees huge wads of cash. Thanks to the dAwG for the tip.
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