Napster goes back to its roots, opens MP3 store

Watch out, Amazon MP3. Napster is back in the world of MP3 downloads, and this time it's a fully legal online music store with the backing of major record labels. As the Associated Press reports, Napster began selling MP3 tracks from its website earlier today. The tracks are priced at 99 cents each, and full albums starts at $9.95.

How does Napster plan to set itself apart from iTunes and Amazon MP3? The AP quotes Napster CEO Chris Gorog as saying his company will kick off a "modest marketing campaign" highlighting that it offers the "biggest catalog of music licensed for downloads." Napster's music library includes more than six million tracks in total, compared to just over five million for Amazon MP3.

You can check out Napster's new music store by hitting Only customers in the United States can purchase tracks right now, though.

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