OLPC shows second-gen XO concept

The One Laptop Per Child's XO laptop finally started shipping a few months ago after multiple setbacks and a good deal of drama. With that milestone overcome, the OLPC team is now looking ahead to the XO's successor. According to Laptop Magazine, OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte showcased a concept for the second-gen XO during a conference at the OLPC's Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Global Country Workshop.

Negroponte expects the second-gen XO to show up in 2010, and he's dreamed up a laptop quite different from anything out today—even the toy-like, first-gen XO. Judging by the concept shots, the XO 2.0 will have LCD panels for both the display and the input area, sort of like a hybrid between the Nintendo DS and Apple iPhone. When used as a laptop, the machine will project a keyboard on one of the panels. When used in "book" format, the XO 2.0 will render pages on both displays. OLPC has also thought up other uses for the two screens, such as two-player games of pong, checkers, and chess where each player would control one display.

The XO 2.0 also looks like it'll be about half the size of the current machine, since Negroponte believes the first-gen OLPC is a little too big and a little too heavy. Check out Laptop Magazine for pictures and a video from the conference.

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