NPD: two thirds of $1000+ retail PCs sold in early 2008 were Macs

Conventional wisdom (and global market share numbers) suggests Apple sells far fewer PCs than titans like HP, Dell, and Acer. But does it always? Apple Watch quotes a report by the NPD Group that says a whopping 66% of machines sold for $1,000 or more in retail stores in the first quarter of this year were Macs.

NPD's numbers only cover brick-and-mortar outlets, but they're a sight to behold. While Macs only made up 14% of all retail PCs sold, NPD asserts, they accounted for 70% of $1,000+ desktops and 64% of $1,000+ notebooks in Q1. These numbers highlight an ongoing trend: NPD VP Stephen Baker told Apple Watch that Mac desktop sales grew 45% year-over-year, and Mac notebook sales went up "50 to 60 percent." By contrast, Windows desktops supposedly dipped 25%, and Windows laptops didn't budge.

Baker partly credits the Apple Stores for Apple's success in the retail world. He also believes consumers care more about a good user experience than value offerings packed with features: "What Apple drives home: This is a product that we own from factory to finger. . . . We exert some control so that you get the best experience. When you get in the store, we get you what you want." (Thanks to DailyTech for the tip.)

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