SPEC devises web server power benchmark

When it comes to SPEC benchmarks, power has been the name of the game lately. After completing work on its SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark and announcing a new workstation power-performance test, SPEC says it is now at work on a benchmark that will measure power consumption for web servers.

The new benchmark will reportedly assess power use for both web servers and disk subsystems with a "real-world workload" derived from the existing SPECweb2005 benchmark. Users will be able to configure the test's workloads to "match individual requirements," and they'll be able to gauge power usage at different load levels, as well.

According to SPEC's Rema Hariharan, power demands for data centers will double over the next five years—an increase web servers should be a key part of. Hariharan believes a SPEC benchmark "could help abate this trend and establish more power-efficient practices."

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