All MacBooks to have LED backlights next year

The folks at LED backlight manufacturer Kenmos Technology must be rubbing their hands together. Quoting the Economic Daily News, DigiTimes says Apple plans to use LED backlighting in all its MacBook laptops in 2009. Kenmos just happened to be Apple's main supplier of LED backlight units in 2007. This year alone, DigiTimes says "market observers" expect Kenmos to see its shipments of LED backlights grow 500% to 1.5 million units.

Apple already uses LED backlighting in its high-end MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, but displays in the lowly MacBook line are still CCFL-based. Backlights built around LEDs have a number of advantages, including higher brightness levels, wider color gamuts, lower power consumption, and smaller sizes.

Of course, Apple is hardly the first or only company to sell laptops with LED backlit-displays. Sony has been using LED backlights for some time, as has Fujitsu. Even Dell offers LED backlights as options in some of its laptops, including the famed XPS M1330.

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