Intel to bundle 80GB solid-state drives with Centrino 2

Thanks to various reports from the past few months, we know a little bit about Centrino 2. Intel’s next mobile platform should bring a new round of 45nm processors with higher front-side bus speeds, some “small form factor” chips for slim notebooks, DirectX 10-class integrated graphics, and DDR3 memory support.

What we hadn’t heard yet is that, according to DigiTimes, Intel plans to push solid-state drives as part of the platform. The company announced in March that it was readying SSDs for a launch later this year, and DigiTimes now quotes sources at PC makers as saying Intel will push these SSDs in mid-range, high-end, and enterprise Centrino 2 notebooks in the late third quarter. Intel reportedly believes SSDs will “become the mainstream notebook storage format.”

So, what kinds of SSDs can we expect to see in future Centrino 2 notebooks? If DigiTimes has its facts straight, Intel’s upcoming storage devices will include 2.5″ Client X25-M and 1.8″ Client X18-M models, both with 80GB capacities and Serial ATA interfaces. Capacities will go up to 160GB by the late fourth quarter and climb to 250GB or more next year. DigiTimes doesn’t talk pricing or performance, but Intel’s Troy Winslow stated a couple months back that Intel’s SSDs will perform “much better” than current offerings because of “the way the controller and firmware operates.”

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