Deal of the week: 640GB for $99.99 shipped

It was only a matter of time. Western Digital launched its 640GB Caviar SE16 in March at around $130. Today, we see on our price search engine that the hard drive has finally dipped under the $100 mark. Mwave sells it for $97 plus shipping, but the cheapest overall seems to be $99.99 shipped at Newegg.

$99.99 for 640GB works out to about 15.6 cents per gigabyte, which is a steal considering the 640GB SE16's other qualities. Thanks to its two high-density 320GB platters, the drive manages to mix impressive performance, low power consumption, and the lowest noise levels we've ever measured from a 3.5" hard drive. Throw in a three-year warranty, and there's little not to like. Be sure to check out our review for more details.

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