Samsung announces speedy 256GB solid-state drive

High-capacity solid-state drives are picking up steam. After Super Talent's first stab at a 256GB SSD in March, Samsung has unveiled a much faster model based on multi-level cell flash technology. Samsung claims its new SSD can hit 200MB/s during sequential reads and 160MB/s during sequential writes, all through a 300MB/s Serial ATA interface. That's 2-3 times faster than both conventional hard drives and Super Talent's SSD.

This is what 256GB of really fast SSD storage looks like. Source: Samsung.

Speed isn't the device's only forte, though. Samsung's new baby also features a "sophisticated data encryption process," a mean time between failure of one million hours (just over 114 years), and a standard 2.5" form factor with a 9.5-mm thickness. Because the drive uses multi-level cells, Samsung says it will cost "considerably less" than current single-level-cell-based SSDs.

You'll have to use your imagination to guess an exact price for now, because the drive won't start sampling until September. Production will only follow "by year end." Samsung plans to introduce a 1.8" version of the same drive in the fourth quarter of the year, as well.

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