Early jump on DirectX 8.0 Final

Credit [H]ard|OCP for this link. This is a follow up to the post from above. If you want an early jump on DirectX 8.0 Final and don't know where to go today, you can start with Progtec Interactive. Never heard of them? Well, please to meet you, sir. I hope you guess my name:
We try to provide the latest drivers on the net, mostly for nVIDIA Graphics card. We provide excellent download speed.
They also have other goodies like more beta NVIDIA Detonator 7.xy and 3dfx Voodoo 4/5 drivers I haven't seen anywhere else. Housekeeping says that DX 8 Final is build 400. They've got them for Win9x/Me/2k so get them now and gentlemen, start your benchmarking engines.
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