Cooler Master touts efficient 900W power supply

When it comes to high efficiency in enthusiast power supplies, we see the names PC Power & Cooling and Seasonic come up more than most. However, Cooler Master is now trying to seize the efficiency crown, and its new Ultimate Circuit Protection 900W power supply could help it do just that.

Rather than throw mouth-watering specifications directly at customers, Cooler Master decided to go through the 80 Plus certification body. According to the 80 Plus verification and testing report (PDF) for the unit, Cooler Master's UCP 900W maintains 86.32% efficiency at 20% power use, 88.14% efficiency at 50% power use, and 85.10% efficiency at 100% power use, for an efficiency average of 86.52%. To put things in perspective, the most efficient enthusiast PSU we've tested—PC Power & Cooling's 750W Silencer—managed "only 87%" at a 50% load in our tests (using different equipment, of course).

How does the UCP 900W do its magic? According to Cooler Master, the unit features an "innovative circuit board layout and superior components" with "first-rated soft-start circuits, a huge amount of solid capacitors and continuous active clamp forward switching technology combined with the DC to DC VRMs circuit design and more." The company has yet to announce pricing or a launch date for the Ultimate, though.

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