Quad-core Opterons to arrive in IBM servers shortly

A little late to the party, IBM has announced that it will soon join the ranks of server makers that sell systems based on quad-core AMD Opteron CPUs. HP was the first major server maker to adopt the chips on April 9, while Dell and Fujitsu Siemens followed a week later, and Sun joined in earlier this month. Judging by recent Gartner market share numbers, AMD will have chips in servers from the world's top five server vendors once IBM joins in. Those five companies accounted for almost 86% of the market last quarter, Gartner says, and IBM alone had a 28.9% market share.

IBM's lineup of quad-core Opteron servers will include new System x3455, System x3655, and System x3755 machines. The System x3455 will start at $1,809 and support up to 48GB of memory, making it suited for "technical and financial applications." The $2,499 System x3655 will be aimed at "business performance computing and memory-intensive applications such as database, virtualization and dynamic web serving." As for the $3,407 System x3755, IBM says that system will support up to four sockets and be ideal for databases, virtualization environments, and the like.

All three systems should become available next month.

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