Windows 7 to bring multi-touch support

Microsoft plans to push multi-touch interfaces in a big way with Windows 7. At the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference yesterday evening, Microsoft discussed some of the progress it has made on its next operating system, and it showed the multi-touch functionality in action. Behold:

Windows 7 won’t be the first Microsoft product to implement multi-touch features. Nearly a year ago today, Microsoft unveiled its Surface table, a PC with a huge touch screen designed to serve in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and similar venues. Surface debuted in AT&T wireless stores last month.

According to Chris Flores from the Windows Vista Team Blog, Microsoft wants to see multi-touch functionality on “a wide variety of Windows notebooks, in all-in-one PC’s, as well as in external monitors.” That vision may come true in 2010, when Microsoft plans to complete work on Windows 7.

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