Seagate to offer solid-state drives next year

Despite attempts to thwart solid-state drive makers with lawsuits, Seagate isn't kidding itself about the potential SSDs have to overtake hard drives. As InfoWorld reports, Seagate CEO Bill Watkins has revealed in an interview that his company will release SSDs of its own next year.

The hard drive maker will target its first offerings at the enterprise market, because it believes prices are still too high for SSDs to be compelling options for consumers. Watkins says Seagate might shift its focus to consumer SSDs "if the cost per gigabyte comes down to 10 cents." Today, even latest-generation SSDs cost several dollars per gigabyte, while the cheapest hard drives are about 16 cents/GB.

As part of its internal team continues to research and develop solid-state storage, Seagate plans to keep going full throttle toward increasing mechanical hard drive capacities. In the same interview, Watkins said Seagate will release its first 2TB hard drive next year. The firm's highest-capacity drive today is 1TB and costs around $200.

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