Deal of the week: Two hard drives and a 9600 GT

Hard drives have become a staple of our Friday deal posts, and for good reason. Storage prices gradually decline over time, pushing some not-so-interesting models into very tantalizing price segments after a few weeks or months. That seems to be the case of Western Digital's 750GB hard drives: we see today that Newegg offers the 750GB Caviar GP for $119.99 shipped and the 750GB Caviar SE16 for $129.99 shipped.

If you need high storage capacities, low noise levels, but not necessarily high performance, the Caviar GP is a smashing deal at just under 16 cents per gigabyte with free shipping. The pricier SE16 offering has a higher spindle speed, which makes it faster but also a little noisier. Whether that's worth an extra $10 to you depends greatly on your personal needs, so we're including both drives here.

Our third deal this week is Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT, another recurrent item. This card launched at around $180 and has hovered around $150 for the past few weeks, but today Newegg offers an XFX-built model for only $139.99. XFX's PVT96GYDF4 GeForce 9600 GT is a full-blown, reference 9600 GT with 512MB of RAM, 64 stream processors, a 650MHz core clock, and a 900MHz memory clock. XFX covers it with a "double lifetime" warranty, as well, offering support for even second-hand cards.

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