BFG endows new cards with ThermoIntelligence

Amid the crush of news rolling forth from Computex, the folks from BFG Tech have announced a pair of GeForce cards that sport some sweet-looking custom cooling.  Have a look:

The card pictured above is BFG's 8800 GT OCX TI, where "TI" stands for ThermoIntelligence.  BFG's earlier attempts at ThermoIntelligence coolers were okay, but didn't exactly knock our socks off.  This new, dual-slot cooler holds quite a bit more promise, if only on its Zalman-esque looks alone.

Fortunately, BFG Tech says the cooler performs well, too, with GeForce 8800 GT GPU operation "up to 30°C cooler with ThermoIntelligence fansink."  Presumably, that's compared to the stock Nvidia reference cooler, not to running the GPU naked (a bad idea) or with, say, a stick of butter strapped to the side.  (Don't ask.)

The 8800 GT OCX TI's core will vibrate at a healthly 700MHz, up from 600MHz in a standard 8800 GT.  Accordingly, the shader clock will flip bits at 1728MHz (versus 1500MHz stock), and the memory's data rate will be 1950MHz.  Although the card's suggested retail price will be $269, BFG expects it to hit e-tailers at about $210.

The 9600 GT OCX, meanwhile, sports the same basic cooler and similarly aggressive clocks, with 700MHz core, 1728MHz shaders, and 2GHz effective memory, well above the GeForce 9600 GT's 600/1500/1800MHz stock speeds.  This puppy should get similar discounts off of its $219 MRSP at online retailers, with street prices starting at about $175.

Hit the gallery images below for a closer look at the 8800 GT version's shiny, finny goodness.

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