AMD drops Mustang from roadmap

Man, what's next? Bush as President? A friend of mine (thanks Bryan) pointed me to this article at TechWeb announcing that AMD is dropping the Mustang from their roadmap. Although AMD representatives mention in the article that they could bring back the Mustang if consumer demand is there. Here's a quote from the article:

“Mustang isn't currently on our roadmap,” said a spokesman for AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif. (stock: AMD). “But we think that the AMD-760 MP chipset, with its dual-processor capability, will be an excellent offering for the server market.”

So although they've pulled Mustang from the lineup, AMD does still have plans to release the SMP capable 760MP chipset for the server market. Later in the article it's mentioned that AMD will be pushing into the 64-bit market later this year, in preparation for a launch in the first quarter of 2001.

What is known is that AMD will begin pushing into the 64-bit market during the fourth quarter of 2000, when the company readies Clawhammer for introduction in the first quarter of 2001.
Rob Herb, executive vice-president and sales and marketing officer, told analysts last week that the Clawhammer chip would be positioned as a high-end desktop PC as well as a low-end server offering. Clawhammer will be manufactured in a 0.13-micron process in less than 100 sq. mm, smaller and theoretically less expensive than today's Duron.

Could this be why Mustang was pulled from the roadmap? Perhaps AMD believed that releasing a high-end, server-oriented, 32-bit chip would harm the adoption of their 64-bit architecture. With the specs given for Clawhammer, it seems likely that this may be the case. It'll be interesting to see what other features Clawhammer will support, in the meantime, I'll still be waiting in line for one of those 760MP boards.

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