Super Talent unveils cheaper 1.8-inch SSDs

A month ago, Super Talent announced a line of 2.5" MasterDrive solid-state drives that mixed high capacities, high transfer rates, and low prices—at least as far as SSDs go. The company is back today with a set of smaller, 1.8" SSDs based on pretty much the same formula.

Super Talent's 1.8" MasterDrive KX lineup includes a 30GB model with a recommended price of $299, a 60GB model priced at $449, and a 120GB variant pegged at $679. All three drives have Micro-Serial ATA interfaces, and they're rated for a maximum read speed of 120MB/s and a write speed of 40MB/s, which should be a good deal speedier than most 1.8" mechanical hard drives.

Quite surprisingly, Super Talent is pricing these new drives very close to its 2.5" MasterDrive MX models: prices for the 30GB and 60GB are identical, while the 1.8" 120GB MasterDrive is $20 cheaper than its 2.5" counterpart. The company claims the exact same read and write speeds on both fronts, too. These drives should be nice matches for notebooks like Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo's ThinkPad X300, which both feature 1.8" SSDs today.

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