Single-socket Opterons hitting servers, supercomputers

AMD designed its quad-core Opterons for multi-socket use from the start, with built-in HyperTransport links supporting up to eight sockets and 32 cores. Still, the company reckons small and medium-sized businesses may be perfectly happy with just one socket and four cores, which is why it has launched three Opteron 1300 series processors that deliver exactly that.  These processors are based on the same "Barcelona" design as other quad-core Opterons.

The 1300 line includes the 2.1GHz Opteron 1352, the 2.2GHz Opteron 1354, and the 2.3GHz Opteron 1356. According to AMD's price list, the three chips cost $209, $255, and $377, respectively. AMD says the new single-socket Opterons will fit into "same socket and thermal requirements as previous AMD Opteron 1000 Series processors," which should mean they'll work with Socket AM2/AM2+ motherboards.

The world's biggest and third-biggest server makers have already decided to adopt the new chips. Dell will put them in its PowerEdge T105 server, while HP will stick them in both its ProLiant ML115 G5 server and xw4550 workstation.  Not only that, but AMD says Cray has already begun shipping Opteron 1300-based XT4 supercomputers. Cray claims it builds its XT4 out of single-socket "processing elements" in order to avoid "the scheduling complexities and asymmetric performance problems associated with clusters of SMPs."

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