Intel displays Nehalem desktop, server mobos

Yesterday, we spotted a report detailing MSI's future motherboard for high-end Intel Nehalem processors. According to The Inquirer, however, Intel itself is showcasing a wealth of Nehalem motherboards for both desktops and servers at its Computex booth.

This "great wall of Nehalem" includes boards from Asus, Abit, Foxconn, and Intel. The Asus T6T-VC1 looks a bit like a mid-range part, but it features four physical PCI Express x16 slots and (apparently) an X58 "Tylersburg" chipset. The Foxconn, MSI, and Abit models look a little more feature-packed, while the Intel mobo sports an unusual layout with four DIMM slots above the CPU socket and the "north bridge" chip sitting next to the side of the board.

Along with shots of the desktop mobos, The Inq snapped pictures of Nehalem server motherboards. Those shots show Asus, Flextronics, MSI, Tyan, Supermicro, and Intel two-socket prototypes, most of which have an intimidating number of DIMM slots. At least one of the boards seems to lack PCI-X slots, as well.

Update: VR-Zone has more, higher-resolution pictures.

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