Speedy DDR3 RAM makes the rounds at Computex

While low-cost subnotebooks and cheap, low-power processors are stealing the show at this year's Computex, makers of enthusiast memory are still doing their thing. OCZ has taken the opportunity to showcase new PC3-17000 Flex II DDR3 memory modules, which it rates for a staggering 2133MHz—that's 34GB/s of maximum theoretical bandwidth in a dual-channel config. According to OCZ, the Flex II modules can take advantage of liquid-cooling systems thanks to an "integrated liquid injection system combined with the superior passive cooling of the Flex II heatsink design."

Meanwhile, Corsair points out that Dell has adopted 4GB Dominator DDR3 kits for its new XPS 730 gaming desktop. Dell says the RAM is a DDR3-1333 kit overclocked to 1600MHz, although oddly, Corsair lists neither DDR3-1333 nor DDR3-1600 kits on its Dominator product page. If the company's Twin3X kits are any indication, the memory in Dell's new speed demon has latencies of either 7-7-7-20 or 9-9-9-24.

Both announcements come just days after Corsair introduced its first 4GB, DDR3-2000 Dominator memory kit. The 2000MHz kit will feature Corsair's signature DHX heatsinks, and it will launch at a wallet-searing $675 when it comes out in the third quarter of this year.

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