Acer to push Linux on regular notebooks

Could low-cost subnotebooks be a stepping stone for Linux to make its way onto standard-sized laptops? Judging by a new VNUnet report, that may well be the case. The site quotes senior Acer staff as saying the company plans to pre-load Linux not just on the newly launched Aspire one, but also other notebooks.

Acer Marketing VP Gianpiero Morbello told VNUnet, "We have shifted towards Linux because of Microsoft." He added, "Microsoft has a lot of power and it is going to be difficult, but we will be working hard to develop the Linux market." He believes the low cost and smaller footprint of Linux distributions will sway customers, as well. Acer's Linux distro of choice can supposedly boot in just 15 seconds and "extend battery life from five to seven hours."

Price should also be a factor. Morbello says a Windows license costs about £50 ($98) per unit, so going with Linux can yield significant savings on cheaper notebooks. Morbello didn't reveal when Acer plans to start its big Linux push, but as we reported earlier this morning, the Aspire one will appear in the early part of the third quarter with a choice of Linux or Windows XP OSes.

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