Antec bares components with Skeleton enclosure

By definition, computer cases tend to enclose computer components. Antec has defied that concept with the new Skeleton case it's demonstrating at Computex this week. Mike Chin over at got a detailed peek at the Skeleton, and he's posted plenty of pictures and information for all to see.

With a frame that looks like a cross between a go-kart and a suspension bridge, the Skeleton is more or less a glorified open test bench. A slide-out steel component tray houses the motherboard on top and the power supply, two hard drives, and two optical drives under it. The power supply sits on its own, separate slide-out tray for easier access. At the top, a large, LED fan blows directly on the motherboard, and a bar sitting between the two lets users mount expansion cards securely.

And that's it, more or less. The Skeleton also has power/reset buttons and a handful of "front panel" ports, but all components remain within reach of any tweaker, overclocker, or benchmarker that might lurk around. says the Skeleton will become available in September. Antec also plans a smaller version, the Mini-Skeleton, which will apparently house a Mini-ITX motherboard, an optical drive, and a couple of 2.5" hard drives.

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