Call of Duty 4 gets new maps, Crysis Warhead on the way

Gamers have had to wait two months for the Call of Duty 4 map pack to make it from the Xbox 360 to the PC, but it's finally hit download sites as part of a new 1.6 patch. You can grab the patch from FileShack, and unlike the 360 version, it's completely free. This 283MB download features the same Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek, and Killhouse maps as the 360 map pack, and it tosses in new browser filters for hardcore and old-school game modes as well as a denial-of-service attack fix.

In other PC gaming news, Shacknews reports that Crytek has quietly revealed plans for a new Crysis episode dubbed Crysis Warhead. The German game developer posted a teaser image on the main Crysis website, but it has yet to reveal any specifics. The title could turn out to be either a stand-alone sequel or an expansion, and it might show up on consoles. Shacknews says Crytek doesn't plan to release additional patches for the original game, perhaps in order to free up development resources for the new one.

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