Zotac shows GeForce 9300 mobo, 610i Mini-ITX board

Although it's not a big name in the industry, Zotac has some interesting products on display at Computex. DailyTech was on the scene and has the skinny on a couple of them.

One is a Micro-ATX motherboard based on an Nvidia GeForce 9300 integrated graphics chipset, which can accommodate Core 2 Quad processors with 1333MHz front-side bus speeds. DailyTech doesn't say much about the chipset itself, but did confirm that it supports both Hybrid SLI technologies—GeForce Boost, which lets users couple the integrated GPU with a mainstream discrete GPU, and Hybrid Power, which lets users of fast discrete GPUs switch to the integrated graphics to save power. The board looks well-endowed, too, with six Serial ATA ports, four DIMM slots, one PCI Express x16 slot, and display outputs including VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort.

Another Zotac showpiece is the nForce 610i-ITX, a teeny Mini-ITX offering that includes another Nvidia chipset. Just like the GeForce 9300 model, this one supports Intel's Core 2 Quad CPUs with 1333MHz FSBs. Connectivity and expansion are a little more limited, with just two DIMM slots, two SATA ports, one PCIe x1 slot, and a VGA output. DailyTech says the board "may ship with DVI instead of VGA in some markets," however.

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