South Korea fines Intel $25 million

The South Korea Fair Trade Commission has brought the hammer down on Intel, fining the company 26 billion won ($25.4 million) for alleged anti-competitive behavior. Intel faced the same charge there as in several other nations and the European Union: bribing companies to keep AMD processors out of their product lines.

According to the Korean regulators, Intel provided rebates to Samsung and other South Korean computer makers in exchange for not using AMD processors. Along with the hefty fine, the Fair Trade Commission is ordering Intel to stop using rebates pushing PC makers to shun AMD's products. Intel vehemently denies this accusation, though. The AP quotes spokesman Nick Jacobs as saying, "To ask us to cease and desist behavior which we are not doing and never have done is odd . . . We don't use rebates in an anticompetitive fashion."

Still claiming innocence, Intel went on to say it intends to "consider its options, including a possible appeal." The chipmaker will also have to prove its candor to the European Commission, which released a report last year saying it believed Intel had "infringed the EC Treaty rules on abuse of a dominant position (Article 82) with the aim of excluding its main rival, AMD, from the x86 Computer Processing Units (CPU) market."

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