Asus gives glimpse of iMac-like Eee Monitor

With the Eee PC and the Eee Box now out of the bag, Asus has started to reveal details about the next item in the Eee lineup. According to PC World, the Eee Monitor will be Asus' answer to the iMac: an all-in-one system with the actual computer parts tucked behind a sleek, wide-screen monitor.

How does the site know this? Asus held a conference at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan today, and it showed small pictures the Eee Monitor from a few different angles. Those pictures show a very iMac-line machine, albeit without the same stand design and what appears to be a smaller monitor.

Asus itself announced no specifications, but PC World says rumors from earlier this year mention 19- to 21-inch display sizes, a built-in TV tuner, and prices starting at $500 or so. Considering the Eee Box launched at just under $300, an extra $200 for a 19" display and a sleek enclosure doesn't seem too unreasonable. Such pricing would allow Asus to undercut the Mac mini with an iMac-like system, too.

PC World says the Eee Monitor should become available "sometime in September." The system will launch alongside the Eee TV, a 42" LCD HDTV that's "reported to include the Linux-based PC abilities of other Eee PC products."

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