Sunday Shortbread


  1. C|Net previews Apple's WWDC (video)
  2. VR-Zone reports RV770 launch on 25th June, clocks finalized
  3. NordicHardware reports S3 Graphics "Excalibur" GPU taped out, S3 goes mid-range?
  4. Google invites Gmail users to test update
  5. Tech ARP covers Intel's Atom processor and Netbooks launch
  6. PCStats reports Intel Nehalem motherboards emerge at Computex 2008
  7. Futurelooks covers Computex 2008: Vizo
Software and gaming

  1. Folding@home news: GPU1 has been retired, GPU2 for Nvidia release nearing (thanks Moritz)
  2. Endgadget reports 3G iPhone firmware leaked: tri-band HSDPA and GPS are go
  3. Symantec tool cleans up Windows XP SP3 registry corruption
  4. Microsoft is conducting user research you might enjoy
  5. Microsoft's DirectX SDK and end-user runtime for June 2008
  6. [OC]ModShop's interview with World in Conflict: Soviet Assault's Magnus Jansén
    and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars review

  1. TweakTown reviews ECS A780GM-A
  2. DragonSteelMods review MSI P6N SLI Platinum
  3. Overclock3D's dual-GPU comparison: 3850 X2 vs. 3870 X2 vs. 9800 GX2
  4. I4U reviews Wolfking Warrior XXtreme gaming keyboard
  5. BurnOutPC reviews Razer Destructor gaming mousing surface
  6. NordicHardware reviews Antec Performance One Mini P180 case
  7. HardwareOC Austria reviews Auras Transformer CTC-868 CPU cooler (in German)
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