AMD unveils two-, eight-way Opterons clocked at 2.5GHz

Since its late arrival in April, AMD's quad-core Opteron lineup has been missing one key element: chips clocked at the same speeds as the fastest desktop Phenom X4 CPUs. No longer. AMD has rolled out four new Opteron SE processors with clock speeds of 2.4GHz and 2.5GHz—just like the Phenom X4 9750 and 9850.

The new Opteron SE line includes 2358 SE, 2360 SE, 8358 SE, and 8360 SE models. The first digit in the model name denotes the maximum number of supported sockets, while the last two digits denote clock speed. x358 models run at 2.4GHz, while the x360 parts are clocked at 2.5GHz. AMD doesn't appear to have revealed thermal envelopes for these chips yet, but their desktop counterparts are rated for up to 125W. Prices are $873 for the 2358 SE, $1,165 for the 2360 SE, $1,865 for the 8358 SE, and $2,149 for the 8360 SE.

According to AMD, these new CPUs are already "widely available," and servers based on them are on their way from "global OEMs and solution providers including Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Dell and IBM."

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